Rebels of Peace

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Begrüßung Geseko von LüpkeCharles EisensteinGigi CoyleJoanna MacyLinda Buzzell-Saltzman
Mark ColemanMaya Sasson & Mai ShaheenMaya Sasson Symposium-LiedPh.D. David AbramRupert Marquez
Tamera: Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Sabine Lichtenfels u.a.Tiokasin Ghosthorse   Summit-FluteTiokasin Ghosthorse - VortragTom PorterBegrüßung Geseko von Lüpke

More than 9 Lectures, Interviews & Event Contributions with exciting inputs, great inspirations and many practical tips are permanently and immediately at your disposal: to watch online or download.

Tom Porter, Joanna Macy, Tiokasin Goasthorse, Dr. David Abram, Dr. Geseko von Lüpke, Gigi Coyle, Rupert Marquez, Charles Eisenstein, Linda Buzzell-Saltzman and some of the Event contributions.

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9 Video-Lectures and Video-Interviews with internationally renowned experts (over 8 hours of video – mp4)

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  • If the living earth is close to your heart, but you sometimes feel helpless and want to connect internally in order to become active with like-minded people outside, then these people give you courage in their lectures and interviews and show you new ways, contacts and visions.
  • You do not yet know exactly in which field you want to use your power to stand up for man and earth and to get to know the many possibilities there are to build a sustainable, life supporting and sustainable culture.
  • You are looking for spiritual and ethical values, which are not bound to religions or parties, but which are global, human, peaceful, democratic, healing and supportive for man, nature and earth.
  • You are interested in the constructive debate between the young activists* and the long-standing environmentalists*, ecologists*, philosophers* and people of the indigenous population and you would like to form your own opinion.
  • You were there live at the symposium in May 2019 and you would like to relive everything or you could not listen to all the impressive lectures and you are also interested in the interviews of many speakers and participants with what they reveal from within.

Secure now the congress package at the offer price:

Standard return policy: 60 days apply/strong>



Are the video interviews also available as DVDs?

No, unfortunately not. We also think the idea of putting together a noble collection box from DVDs is great. For example as a gift opportunity. However, the high production costs do not allow this and the price would multiply. However, we would be happy to put together a personal birthday card etc. and send it on request with the access data to the member area.

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Immediately after your payment, you will receive an e-mail from our payment provider Digistore24 with the access data for the online member area. There you can log in with your password and have access to all video interviews and other materials. From there you can also download everything to your hard drive.

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